Minutes of the February 1, 2014 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Committee Meeting
Saturday, February 1, 2014 9:30 AM
Pilgrim Place Health Center

ATTENDANCE: Gar Byrum, chair; Debi Evans, Josie Garcia, Sandy Hester, Zephyr Tate-Mann, Carol Whitson, Davetta Williams, John Forney, Ned Freed, Bob Gerecke, Ivan Light, Curt Lewis, Rudy Mann, Merrill Ring, Andy Winnick and Carolee Monroe. Gar called the meeting to order at 9:35 AM

Agenda - additions included:

  1. Roberts Rules of Order;
  2. Email Distribution of the Voorhis Voice Newsletter and Announcements; and
  3. Appointment of Andy Winnick as Parliamentarian.

Appointment: Gar appointed Andy Winnick to be Parliamentarian.

Minutes: MSA (Zephyr) the minutes of the January 4, 2014 executive committee meeting were approved as amended. A previous motion by Zephyr to table approval was not passed. The minutes of the January 26th general membership meeting were considered. Following a discussion as to the contents of the minutes, the consensus was they are to be limited to what was done versus what was said; reports can be read into the minutes and/or attached to the minutes when accepted.

Treasurer's Report: Carol said that the FPPC and FEC reports were completed and turned in on time. The changes in dues have been updated on the Club website but not yet at ActBlue. The 2014 Charter has been received. Former members are renewing; Ned has changed the online membership form so that a choice to receive or not receive an emailed Voorhis Voice must be made.

MSA (Zephyr) The Treasurer is authorized to pay the storage fee for six months.

Phone Script: MSA (Bob) The phone script composed by Bob and John and Joe is to be used in requesting people to become members and/or to donate to the Club. Bob, after receiving Carol's updates, will assign parts of the calling list to: Gar, Carol, Curt, Sandy, John, Joe, Carolee and himself.

Loan Accounting: MSA (Sandy) The motion that the $12,600 loaned to the PAC by the DCC be accounted for passed with votes 7 for, 2 opposed. The discussion

  1. for the money loaned by the Club to the HQ PAC and
  2. for the PAC's progress toward finding a HQ

was in response to Sandy's request made during the January 2014 Executive Committee meeting. When Gar recused himself as chair, and Sandy became Acting Chair, Gar said that (a) the promissory note was voidable and (b) the loan is specified on Federal reports. Rudy distributed and Zephyr read aloud a "Letter of Demand" (see attached document).

MSA (John) The amendment to the above motion requires the accounting to be in writing and in accordance with accepted accounting standards. This passed with votes 7 for, 2 against and 1 abstaining. Further discussion included Bob and Zephyr identifying themselves as members of both Boards (PAC and DCC) and Merrill, as Treasurer of the 2008 HQ and DCC, stating the there was no documentation of the IVCDHQ PAC in 2008.

Permanent/Temporary HQ: MSA (Merrill) tabled.

By-Laws: MSA (John) tabled.

Email Distribution of the Voorhis Voice and Announcements: Ivan will be added to those persons with access to the membership distribution list so that he can send the Voorhis Voice newsletter and other announcements. It was recommended that he use an early version of "WORD" and send each communication both as an attachment and within the body of the email. Ned will maintain the website and the list of those to whom communications are sent.

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Updates: Bob and Sandy were asked to provide regular updates of County Democratic actions and activities.

Club Events

  • February 14 Luncheon: Peter Dreier - noon - Casa de Salsa
  • February 24 General Meeting: Joe Cicero - 7:00 PM - Porter Hall


  • Pre-endorsement Conference: may take place next week - see Sandy.'
  • March 1 TAIPD Conference: "Water Scarcity & Solutions" Garrison Hall, Scripps College 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM. Lunch will be available at Malott Commons at a cost of $7.25.'
  • March 7- 9 California Democratic Party Convention: Volunteers are needed.
  • Agenda for a Prophetic Faith registration forms were distributed by John.
  • Campaign HQ 2016: Rudy said the ICDHQPAC will have a HQ. The decision for a 2014 HQ has not yet been made.

MSA (John) Publicity for the above PCU events can be sent to members. One abstention.

MSA (Bob) Dissemination of information to our members/lists re. other organizations can be on a case-by-case basis.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary