Minutes of the March 30, 2015 General Membership Meeting

The Democratic Club of Claremont
General Membership Meeting
March 30, 2015, 7:00 PM
Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place

WELCOME, CALL TO ORDER: John Forney, President, welcomed about 35 members and guests.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA (MSA) Carolee Monroe The Agenda was approved unanimously with these changes:

  1. Move Earth Day to the beginning of the Agenda as an ACTION ITEM and
  2. Add Elaine Hurd to the Program.

ACTION ITEM: Carolee urged members to sign up for the DCC Earth Day booth.

Report of LACDP/ CDP: Bob Gerecke reported that the County Committee passed a resolution to modify California's Worker Compensation Law. The current law is seen as discriminatory against women and having a gender bias because it specifies some health issues, such as carpel tunnel syndrome, as excluded from compensation. The resolution will eliminate the exclusions.


Elaine Hurd presented her blog/website, "Let's TAlk Nevada". The blog was begin in response to the standoff between Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management near Hurd's new home town, Mesquite, Nevada. The contents consist of observations and tapings of legislative meetings, writings by progressives, and other topics on culture. Hurd and her husband bring cameras to open public meetings. The blog has been expanded to include "Let's Talk... Utah/Arizona/California". She is soliciting writers first, then investors.

David Steinberger discussed "The Pre-employment Psychological Screening of Law Enforcement Job Applicants in California"; a part of the selection process for determining the qualifications of California Highway Patrol applicants. Of the 20,000 persons who apply, 135 will attend an academy with 85 graduating and becoming officers. Steinberger described the sequence of steps and the reasoning for the process, as each applicant must undergo a background investigation before psychological and medical evaluations are done. Furthermore, he discussed each of the eleven components of the Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) psychological evaluation as they contribute to determining if a candidate has the necessary makeup for such a stressful job.


Minutes for Approval: (MSA Bob Gerecke) The Minutes of the
General Membership Meeting of February 23, 2015 were approved unanimously.


Programs & Issues: Merrill Ring, Chair, said:

  1. The petition at our Earth Day booth will ask our legislators to promote a carbon tax;
  2. The Committee is working on a (progressive) Democratic election narrative; and
  3. Council member Larry Schroeder helped in our learning which surplus military equipment the city has accepted.

Communications: Brenda Lewis has resigned; we are proceeding according to our By-laws to fill the position.

Membership: Carolee read the figures given by Sandy Hester. Gar Byrum is phoning members whose dues are not current. A renewal form will be emailed and put into the "Voorhis Voice". Pat Pascal is a member of the committee.

Political Strategy: Debi Evans, Chair, encouraged all to attend the fundraiser/victory reception for Pete Aguilar on Saturday, April 25 at noon at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Rancho Cucamonga. Plans are in effect to join with other nearby Democratic clubs in facilitating a headquarters during the 2016 Presidential election.


Club Events

  • Friday, April 10 Noon: Monthly Luncheon, Speaker: Ivan Light "The Sinking of the Lusitania and America's Entry into World War" at Darvish Restaurant 946 W. Foothill Claremont. Lunch at noon, speaker from 1 to 2
  • Saturday, April 18 10AM - 3PM: Democratic booth at Claremont's celebration of Earth Day Along 2nd Street
  • Monday, April 27 7PM: General membership meeting, Speaker: Shawki El-Zatmah on "The Arab Spring and its Aftermath". Short business meeting to follow. At Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place

Other Events

  • Tuesday March 31 7 PM - The American Institute for Progressive Democracy's "Part Two: Economic Inequality in America", Rose Hills Theater, 170 E. 6th Street, Claremont
  • Saturday April 11 Noon - 5:45 PM - U.P.W.A.R.D "Save Our World" event at Monte Vista UUC, Montclair
  • Sunday, April 19 7 PM - Progressive Christians Uniting Series Agenda for a Prophetic Faith Andrew Bacevich "The End of American Dominance and What It Means for National Defense" Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church, 724 E. Bonita Ave., LaVerne
  • Sunday, April 26 2PM b CalRTA fundraiser Loretta Swit in "Eleanor: Her Secret Journey" Haugh/Citrus College $36 Contact Robbie Cendejas
  • Saturday, October 3 - Agenda for a Prophetic Faith Series: Bill Moyers (Also scheduled for 2016 are Cornel West, Barbara Ehrenreich and Galen Guengerich.)

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary