Minutes of the March 21, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:30 AM Saturday, March 21, 2015
Hunter Board Room, Pilgrim Place Health Center

Attendance: John Forney, chair, Carol Whitson, Debi Evans, Sandy Hester, Merrill Ring, Gar Byrum, Ivan Light and Carolee Monroe

Agenda:  - Added was Law Suit.

Minutes for Approval: MSA (Carolee) The Minutes of the Executive Board meeting of February 14, 2015 and the General Membership meeting of February 23, 2015 were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: MSA (Carol) The motion for a payment of $550 for insurance was approved unanimously. Carol distributed copies of a year-to-date transaction sheet showing a balance of $2.981.

Cleaning out of the storage unit will occur after April 15.


Committee Reports:

FINANCE – See Above Treasurer’s report.

PROGRAM & ISSUES -Merrill reported on several different items:

  1. The Issues Committee continues to meet weekly with attendance between 8 and 14.
  2. We learned that Judy Chu responded very positively to our fracking letter while Governor Brown sent a general reply.
  3. After learning that the type of military surplus given to the Claremont Police Department is mostly disaster relief supplies, but also some rifles, the decision was made for Club President John Forney to follow-up with Police Chief Cooper. The further possibility of a sponsored dialog is to be considered.
  4. The Issues Committee is in the initial stages of developing a progressive narrative for the upcoming 2016 election.
  5. Two students from Pitzer College have joined with the committee and, it is hoped, will continue.

MSA (Sandy) The motion to sponsor up to 2 college students to the California Democratic Party’s 2015 Convention, to be held May 15 – 17 at the Anaheim Convention Center, was approved unanimously.

COMMUNICATIONS - Brenda Lewis has resigned.  The Nominating Committee (Mel Boynton, chair, Gene Boutilier, Debi and Gar) will be asked to address the vacancy,  so as to be in accordance with the By-laws.

MEMBERSHIP – Sandy gave current membership in each of the categories.They include: 9 Life, 41 Renewals, 17 New Members - for a total of 67 paid for 2015.  Fifty-two members from 2014 have not yet renewed and 146 former members have not paid dues in either 2014 or 2015. Gar will phone all members who still need to renewal their dues. Pat Pascal has also volunteered to make phone calls.  Furthermore, John will get prices for stationary if   a USPS mailing solicitation is to be used.

POLITICAL STRATEGY Debi attended Pete Aguilar’s swearing in ceremony. Congressman Aguilar and the members of our club are to be made aware of our (DCC) intent to support him.  Debi will send an announcement about the 2015 Hilda Solis Scholarship Dinner and Reception to be held on Thursday, April 9 at Kellogg House, Cal Poly, Pomona.  Debi and Joe Salas are meeting with the Claremont Colleges Democrats and establishing a framework for action for the 2016 presidential election.  Sandy and John Ammon have visited the local Congressional offices speaking about Native American veterans.

Law Suit: Closed session.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Assemblyman Chris Holden is starting on-going meetings with local interest groups.  Topics to be addressed will be agreed upon. Debi will ask Matt Lyons, Holden’s field representative, for more details and then share her findings with the board and club members.

Brenda Lewis’s resignation -See above “Communications”.

CDP Endorsement Process: We are in the process of complying with the new CDP regulations.

Earth Day:Carolee said there are still unfilled positions for staffing the booth.  Merrill and the Issues Committee will write a petition. John advocates an aggressive membership stance.

CHS Young Democrats update: Four meetings remain in the current school year. Speakers and topics are: Al Villanueva “Gangs”, Hilary LaConte “Educational Policy at the Local Level” and Ivan Light “WWI”.

Voorhis Voice content: A copy of the membership form will be included on the back page. Bob Hughes has been recruited to write short biographies of local Democrats.  John will write a “President’s Report”.  Each month a committee will submit an update of its activities.  Notes about Jerry Voorhis will be given. Local elected representatives will be featured through their own articles.

City of Claremont letter re. Proposed Ordinance: This does not pertain to our club.


    Club Events

  • Monday  March 30 7:30 PM  - General membership meeting, Speaker: David Steinberger “Psychological Profile of those who would become Police”  Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place
  • Friday  April 10 Noon - Monthly Luncheon, Speaker: Ivan Light “ ‘The Sinking of the Lusitania and America’s Entry into World War I” at Darvish Restaurant 946 W. Foothill Claremont. Lunch at noon, speaker from 1 to 2
  • Monday, April 27  7 PM General membership meeting, Speaker: Shawki El-Zatmah on ‘The Arab Spring and its Aftermath’.  Short business meeting to follow. Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place

    Other Organizations:

  • Sunday, March 22   7 PM   Progressive Christians Uniting Series Agenda for a Prophetic Faith Chris Hedges  “The Age of Revolt”  at UCC
  • Friday, March 27  8 AM   Latino/a Roundtable Cesar Chavez Breakfast  at Sheraton Hotel, Pomona
  • Saturday, March 28,   3 PM  NAACP Series: Dialog Re. Police/Race Relations Kennedy Austin Foundation,  2501 N Garey Avenue, Pomona
  • Sunday, March 29  4  PM film “Homestretch” at African American Museum of Beginnings, 1460 E. Holt, Pomona   (Reception at 3 PM)
  • Tuesday  March 31  7 PM  The American Institute for Progressive Democracy’s “Part Two: Economic Inequality in America’, Rose Hills Theater, 170 E. 6
    thStreet, Claremont
  • Saturday April 11   Noon – 5:45 PM U.P.W.A.R.D “Save Our World” event at Monte Vista UUC, Montclair
  • Sunday, April 19  7 PM   Progressive Christians Uniting Series Agenda for a Prophetic Faith Andrew Bacevich  “The End of American Dominance and What It Means for National Defense” Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church, 724 E. Bonita Ave., LaVerne

 Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary