Minutes of the October 27, 2014 General Membership Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
General Membership Meeting
7:00 PM Monday, October 27, 2014
Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place

Agenda MSA (Sandy Hester) the Agenda was approved unanimously with the addition of: Report of Actions by the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee.

Welcome Gar Byrum welcomed about 30 attendees. New members/guests were: Pam Albrecht, Gordon Yang, Christopher Brooks and Sherry (house guest of Sandy Hester).

Program Debi Evans introduced Eric Bauman, Chairman of the LACDP, who talked about the upcoming election. He spoke of regional, statewide and national races and issues. Bauman began by comparing California with Kansas, saying that the former has a legislature that is both Democratic and responsible while Kansas is governed by conservative Republicans; California is offering Obamacare and getting its finances in order while the latter state is running a deficit. Bauman then commented that, because California's state-wide ballot has no exciting candidates or ballot measurers, voter turnout is of concern, especially as to preserving the super-majorities in the legislative bodies. The federal legislative bodies may need to wait until the 2016 presidential election for a possibility of Democratic majorities as Bauman, who favors Hillary Clinton, expects that her candidacy will reinvigorate the Democratic base. The hyper-partisanship of Washington continues as the GOP congressional majority leaders prevent any Democratic legislation from getting onto the floor. The GOP has also resisted any overtures from President Obama. The Republicans have attempted voter suppression, especially in the South. Another aspect of elections and campaigns, according to Bauman, is the change from a media that had a daily story to a media that has a 24-hour news cycle to fill. The two political parties have developed systems for reaching out to their constituencies. Lastly, Bauman offered advice to those voters who have been registered for many years: if your handwriting has changed (possibly because of a stroke), reregister. A group picture was taken.

Recognition of Bob Gerecke's Service: Merrill Ring spoke of Bob Gerecke as an active and politically effective member of the Democratic Party and of our club. He led the congratulations to Bob for his many years of service.


Minutes for Approval: MSA (Debi Evans) the Minutes of the General Membership Meeting of September 29 were approved.

Action Item: Carolee Monroe asked for volunteers to sign-up to make phone calls to members reminding them of our annual holiday party on Saturday, December 6, at which time all are asked to renew their membership for 2015.

Village Venture: Our booth was thought to be successful as visitors guessed the
percentages of wealth held by the quintile groups. Most of the ballot
recommendation handouts and magnets advocating voting were distributed.

Endorsement of Judy Chu: MSA(David Levering) the motion to endorse Judy Chu for CD 27 for the 2014 election was unanimously approved.

Appointment: Gar announced that he had appointed Debi Evans as Political Strategy Committee Chair.

Appointment of Nominating Committee: Gar announced that Mel Boynton would act as Chair, along with Debi Evans and suggested members Marguerite Gee Royse and Gene Boutillier as members of the Nominating Committee. If any member of the club wants to be an officer, s/he should contact a member of the Nominating Committee.

Actions of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee: Bob Gerecke said that: The Ballot Measure Committee recommended

  • Endorsement of Measure W along with
  • Support of Measure PPL, a parcel tax for providing funds for the Pomona Public Library and
  • Support of Los Angeles City's higher minimum wage measure


  • Club Events
    • Friday, November 14 - Monthly Luncheon: Gar Byrum will give an Analysis of the Recent Election - Casa de Salsa - noon - $17
    • Saturday, November 15 – Executive Board meeting - Health Services - 9:30 AM
    • Monday, November 24 – General Membership meeting - Porter Hall - 7 PM
    • Saturday, December 6 – Annual Holiday Party, Napier Center, Pilgrim Place, 4 PM
  • Other Events
    • Tuesday, October 28 – Assemblyperson Holden at Claremont City Council meeting
    • Saturday, November 1 – Vice President Joe Biden will be in the Inland Empire to rally support for Pete Aguilar – midday – Debi Evans can help provide tickets to the event
    • Saturday, November 1 – Jim McDonnell for Sheriff meet n greet at Joe Salas' home
    • Tuesday, November 4 – Election Day - VOTE
    • Sunday, November 9 – Professor David Menefee-Libey to discuss the results of the election - LWV event at 1105 N. College Ave. - 1:30 PM See Karen Rosenthal for tickets.
    • Agenda for a Prophetic Faith – Lecture Series – to begin in November. See John Forney for tickets and speakers.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.