The Relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia

The EBoard of the Democratic Club of Claremont has agreed to co-sponsor this resolution to go before the California Democratic Party  for approval:

WHEREAS the government of  totalitarian regimes on the planet, including  and oppression of women, minorities and other marginalized groups; and

WHEREAS the Saudi actions interfering in the civil war in Yemen have contributed to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and led directly to horrific civilian casualties including hundreds of children using weapons manufactured and sold by American companies; and

WHEREAS continuing to help arm, fund and otherwise support repressive regimes with oil-based economies helps contribute to the climate crisis and increases extr
emist anti-American sentiment abroad;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party strongly encourages American policymakers to reconsider our diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia, immediately end all implicit and explicit support for Saudi intervention in Yemen, and to act immediately to research and develop renewable energy resources with the aim of achieving energy independence, protecting the climate and re-evaluating our codependent and hypocritical relationship with human rights-abusing petroleum-based regimes.