Minutes of the January 14, 2017 Executive Committee Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
Saturday, January 14, 2017, 9:30 AM
Hunter Room, Pilgrim Place Health Center

Attendance: John Forney, Chair, Gayla Sanders, Carol Whitson, Gar Byrum and Carolee Monroe. Each shared why s/he is a Democrat.

Agenda approval: The Agenda was accepted.

President's Report: John shared a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that Gar read aloud. To preserve progressive agenda gains, John urged actions such as are found in the document, "Indivisible", especially in preserving the Consumer Protection Agency.

Minutes for Approval: (MSA Carol/Gar) The Minutes of the December 13, 2016 Executive Board Meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer's Report: Carol reported a balance of $3021.80. She distributed a worksheet that showed Income (categories of donations, swag and dues) and Expenses (13 different categories) by quarter for the past year to aid in writing a budget for 2017. An additional item, an ad in the Claremont Courier supporting our endorsed candidates, will be included in the budget. The law firm representing us has been paid off so the remaining payments will become income for the club.

Voorhis Voice: February contents will include: from Carol, a reminder to pay 2017 dues; from John, his monthly article and from Carolee, an update of the CHS Young Democrats Club and ways to be active in our club and/or other local progressive organizations. Gayla Sanders, soon to be our Corresponding Secretary, and Murray Monroe, soon to be Vice President - Membership, will submit brief biographies to Ivan.

10:00 AM: Larry Schroeder was interviewed about his candidacy for another term on Claremont's City Council. Issues discussed included pensions, the purchase of the water company, need to renovate the police station and the possibility of "sanctuary city" status.

10:30 AM: Murray Monroe was interviewed about his candidacy for Claremont city council. Items discussed were the police station, leadership by the city in solar use, the purchase of the water company, "sanctuary city" status and his motivation to respond to the President-elect.

New Business

Endorsement of candidates for Claremont City Council:

  • MSA (Carolee/Gar) The board unanimously agreed to recommend the endorsement of Larry Schroeder to the general membership at the January 30 meeting.
  • MSA (Carol/Gar) The board unanimously agreed to recommend the endorsement of Murray Monroe to the general membership at the January 30 meeting.
  • MSA (Carol/Gar) The board unanimously approved a donation of $250 to each Larry Schroeder and Murray Monroe if each is endorsed by the general membership.

MSA (Gar/Carol) Action on an appeal from Shayok Chakaraborty was tabled until more is known about the status of his group and its needs.

MSA(Gar/Gayla) DISCLOSE ACT AB14: The board agrees to continue to support the proposed law.

Alternatives for Inauguration Day - March and Rally LA Jan 20 11 am. The DCC has no plans.

Women's March LA - Jan 21 9 - 4 Plans for attending were discussed via Metrolink.

Coordinating with Unity Action Expo - Progressive Alliance of the Inland Valley Democrats/Redlands Democrats - see below under Announcements

MSA (Carol/Carolee) A donation of $100 was unanimously approve, in response to a request from Sustainable Claremont to support its expansion plans.

"Indivisible: ... guide to resisting..." John recommended that everyone get a copy from the web and use it to address the incoming administration.

A phone call from a LaRouche member is to be ignored.

Club Events

  • January 30 7:00 PM Members meeting - Napier - Merrill Ring
  • February 13 noon Luncheon - Darvish -
  • February 27 7 PM Members meeting - Napier -


  • 21 January - Los Angeles Women's March 9 - 4
  • 27 January - Day of Action re. Medicare/Medicaid in Bakersfield Call 877 223 6107 for a bus ride from Ontario to Congressmember Kevin McCarthy's office.
  • 28-29 January Climate Change Lobby annual conference at Pomona College. Check website. Students are encouraged to attend with little/no cost to them.
  • 28 January - Inland Empire Progressive Alliance Expo at The Headquarters Coworking Hub, 320 North E Street, San Bernardino 11 - 4
  • 29 January - UNA-USA Pomona Valley Chapter annual dinner at Decker Hall, Pilgrim Place 5:30 PM. Learn about the new UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.
  • 3 February - The 909 Gets Organized: A Workshop in Citizen-Activism at dA Center for the Arts, Pomona 6:30 - 9:30 eventbrite

Adjourn: 11:35 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recoding Secretary