Minutes of the August 16, 2016 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting Minutes
7:00 PM Saturday, August 16, 2016
1015 N Indian Hill Blvd.

Attendance: John Forney, Chair, Sandy Hester, Carol Whitson, Merrill Ring and Carolee Monroe

Approval of Agenda: added were: Hugh Wire request for housing for Syrian family (to be distributed) and format of September 26 meeting

Minutes for Approval: (MSA Carolee Monroe/Merrill Ring) Unanimously approved were the Minutes of the Executive Board/June 18. 2016 and the General Meeting/June 27


Treasurer/Finance: (MSA Sandy Hester/Merrill Ring) Unanimously approved was Carol Whitson's report of a balance of approximately $2,700. A current Transaction Sheet of the First City account was distributed.

Lawsuit: The disbursement of money from the lawsuit was discussed.

Programs/Issues: Merrill Ring announced these speakers and topics (with board members giving input for the program for September 26):

  • September 9 Luncheon: Amanda Hollis-Brusky will give an update on the Supreme Court
  • September 26 Meeting: 5 PM *Potluck/Social 5:45 PM Meeting called to order 6 PM Debate Watch Afterwards: discussion of Debate and Joe Salas's report on the Democratic National Convention *Members, besides bringing a dish and BYOB, are asked to bring a friend and for all to donate to our election efforts. Carol will design a flyer.
  • October 14 Luncheon: Open
  • October 31 Meeting: Open
  • November 10 Luncheon: Discussion of the Election Results
  • November 28 Meeting: Discussion of California's Political Landscape

Political Strategy: Debi Evans emailed in her report: Recent activities include: meeting with Muslim groups, organizing activities for Hillary, coordinating the campaigns of Erik Jimenez (for Rancho Cucamonga City Council), Abigail Medina and Pete Aguilar, making contacts for purchasing swag, returning messages left on our DCC phone,discussing the possibility of a local office with the Portantino campaign and getting funding from UDH for phone banking. MSA (Sandy Hester/Carol Whitson) Unanimously approved up to $1,000 for the purchase of swag. John will follow up with the Portantino campaign. He can store swag in his garage. Volunteers will be added to the current list and will be advised that more information will be available after Labor Day.

Membership: Sandy and John will contact Mark Ramos about reaching out to union members. The Potluck - Debate watching meeting of September 26th will be used for growing the membership.

Voorhis Voice contents: Carolee will contact the offices of Assemblyman Chris Holden and candidate for State Senate Anthony Portantino about submitting monthly articles. Announcements about the Debate watch Pot luck and the Holiday Party on 12/4 will be submitted.

LA Co Fair: Democratic booth staffing for Sept 8th - Claremont Day (noon - 4 Carol and Marguerite Royse; 4 - 8 Holly Kurtz and John Forney; 8 - 11 Carolee and Murray Monroe)

Carolee is to meet with the officers of the CHS Young Democrats Club and discuss their year.

Holiday Party December 4th: our elected representatives will be notified to "save the date".

Letters of Appreciation to Assemblymember Chris Holden for meeting with us and to Larry Schroeder (for hosting), written by Merrill, were signed by John.

Nominating Committee: John will begin working on establishing a committee for next year's election of officers.


Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary