Minutes of the January 16, 2016 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:30 AM Saturday, January 16, 2016
Hunter Room, Pilgrim Place Health Services Center

Attendance: John Forney, Debi Evans, Carol Whitson, Gar Byrum, Merrill Ring and Carolee Monroe

Agenda: Added were:

  • President's Report,
  • Voorhis Voice contents,
  • Headquarters planning,
  • and Facebook access.

Minutes of the 11/21/15 Executive Board meeting MSA (Debi Evans) were unanimously approved.

Minutes of the 11/30/15 General Membership meeting were reviewed.

President's Report: John continues to recuperate from his surgery. He was commended for his excellent article in the January edition of the Voorhis Voice and encouraged to continue developing the themes laid out in his article.

FINANCE/Treasurer's Report: Carol distributed copies of our current statement showing a working balance of $2940.10; she is completing the FEC and FPPC reports and updating the roster of new and renewed members. She will arrange a date for all signatories ("old" and "new") on our account to meet at the credit union to make the changes. Approximately $300 was spent on the holiday party. The storage unit has been emptied and the materials need to be looked at to determine what is to be preserved. Carolee is storing a ladder, 6 folding chairs and 5 tables.

PROGRAM & ISSUES: Merrill submitted a report from the committee stating that its actions include a report of events in the January edition of the Voorhis Voice and a letter published in the Claremont Courier. Past and future programs, speakers and topics were given (see below Club Events). *All 2016 membership meetings will be in the Napier Center because of renovations to Porter Hall. A sign will be posted at Porter to direct attendees to Napier.

COMMUNICATIONS (FACEBOOK Access): Debi volunteered to be an Administrator on the club's Facebook page to facilitate use of the media source. She will contact Mel Boynton to arrange for the addition.

MEMBERSHIP: Sandy and Gar, along with any one willing to help, will begin in February to phone those members who have not yet renewed for 2016, reminding them of the March 15 deadline. Sharing of the club roster with campaigns is not permitted; members can be contacted by phone.

POLITICAL STRATEGY (UNITED DEMOCRATIC Hq Update / Planning): Debi volunteered to join with Sandy and Joe Salas in planning for the headquarters fundraising event. The next meeting of the planning committee, comprised of local clubs, will be at the home of Joe Salas on Saturday, January 23, beginning at 2:00 PM.

Debi has attended several political events while making contacts towards the campaign headquarters. Pilgrim Place residents who are proficient in foreign languages may be asked to help with the campaign. A Claremont Graduate University student, whose interests include poverty and women's issues, is interested in contributing her efforts to local campaigns and organizations. She may also be asked to meet with the Young Democrats at CHS to encourage their joining in canvassing and phone banking. Gar is working with Heather Williams in enlisting college students to join in local activities.

Voorhis Voice contents: for the February edition: President's Report (John), Membership numbers/names (Carol), Upcoming events (Merrill) and a letter explaining our endorsement of Anthony Portantino. Gar will contact Chuck Farritor about writing articles about the club while Chuck was president, in the early 1970's.

New Business

Davis Internship: The Issues Committee will discuss the possibility of an intern including responsibilities, supervision, staffing at the headquarters and scanning of our archives. An article about Nathaniel Davis, whose papers are at Indiana University, is to be considered.

Flyers of upcoming Democratic events: postponed.

Free Membership to Democrats under the age of 20: Club By-laws allow for Associate Status and Hardship Waiver.

Sustainable Claremont Request: MSA(Carol) $75 ("Organization" status) will be donated to Sustainable Claremont; unanimously approved.

Club Events

  • January 23 United Democrats HQ meeting at Joe Salas's home, 1575 Beloit Ave 2:00PM-5:00 PM.
  • January 25 Membership meeting: Hamid Rezai "Iranian Perspective of the Nuclear Agreement" NAPIER CENTER
  • February 12 Luncheon: Vanessa Tyson "Black Lives Matter" DARVISH
  • February 29 Membership meeting NAPIER CENTER March 11 Luncheon: Congresswoman Judy Chu "National Park Service" DARVISH
  • March 28 Membership meeting NAPIER CENTER April 8 Luncheon DARVISH
  • April 25 Membership meeting NAPIER CENTER
  • May 13 Luncheon: Assemblyman Chris Holden DARVISH
  • May 30 Membership meeting NAPIER CENTER
  • June 10 Luncheon: Marjorie Cohn "Drone Warfare" DARVISH
  • June 27 Membership meeting NAPIER CENTER

Other Organizations / Events

  • Democratic Presidential Debate - Sunday, January 17, 6 PM NBC
  • California Democratic Party Pre-endorsement Conference - January 30/31
  • California Democratic Party State Convention - February 27/28

Other Announcements

  • Citizens' Climate Lobby SoCal Regional Conference - January 23/24 at Los Angeles City College
  • Agenda for a Prophetic Faith "Proclaim Jubilee" program: (all at 7 PM)
    • February 14 - James Carroll at Holy Name of Mary Church
    • February 21 - Rabbi Arthur Waskow at Claremont Presbyterian Church
    • February 28 - Steve Rohde at LaVerne Church of the Brethren, 7 PM
    • March 6 - Susan Emmerich at Claremont United Methodist Church
    • April 3 - Galen Guengerich at Claremont United Church of Christ

Adjourn: at 11:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary