Minutes of the June 20, 2015 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:30 AM Saturday, June 20, 2015
Health Services Center, Pilgrim Place

Attendance: Merrill Ring, chair, Sandy Hester, Carol Whitson, Debi Evans and Carolee Monroe

Agenda: -approved with the addition of Submission of Roster to CDP

Minutes for Approval: MSA (Carol) unanimously Executive Board meeting of May 20, 2015. MSA (Sandy) unanimously General Membership meeting of May 25, 2015

Committee Reports:

FINANCE / Treasurer's Report: Carol distributed copies of the balances in the three accounts at First City, showing a total of $3,401.94. She reports that there has been a steady influx of memberships.

PROGRAM & ISSUES: Merrill said that the committee is considering an action for the July 4th booth. No decision has yet been made. The committee is concerned that Assemblyman Holden is "playing it safe" so as to advance his leadership role. The committee has begun planning a campaign that will focus on funding education through changing property tax legislation and taxing oil. Potential allies will be sought.

MEMBERSHISP: Sandy reports a total of 136 members with 113 living in the 41st AD; she, Carol and Gar will do a recount. The "See You in September" fundraiser has been postponed until the spring as there are other events already planned.

POLITICAL STRATEGY: Debi has begun working with other members of her committee, representatives of nearby Democratic clubs and those of United Democrats Headquarters Pasadena (UDH) to establish a campaign headquarters to be know as "UDH East" in the Inland Valley of San Bernardino County. Components include a post office box, By-laws, sales license and registering with both the FPPC and the FEC. All nearby Democratic clubs (at least eleven) will be invited to join in the effort. Joe Salas is attempting to get Kamala Harris to speak at a fundraising event for the HQ.

Other events with elected representatives are being planned for the weekend of August 29-30, as Congress will then be on break. MSA (Sandy) unanimously Carol will be reimbursed for the Hillary and Bernie buttons she will order for the club to have available at the July 4th booth. Also, Carol will be reimbursed for those bumper stickers she is able to purchase. Various methods of acquiring swag were discussed.

Nominations Committee: Corresponding Secretary - no report was given.

Submission of Roster and By-laws: Carol will submit these to the California Democratic Party Regional Director and the LACDP after a final check of members with Sandy and Gar and upon receiving the revised By-laws from Debi.

July 4: booth and parade entry MSA (Carol) unanimously agreed to reimburse Carolee for "upgrade" to selling booth at the festival; cost of $75. The booth will have Register to Vote forms, DCC memberships, TAIPD book and candidate swag for fixed donation, candidate literature and tattoos. The inclusion activity is yet to be determined.

Rides to meetings: Sandy, Carol, Gar Byrum and Jack Monroe are working on arranging transportation for members who need rides to meetings.


Democratic events

  • Monday, June 29 - DCC members meeting at Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place. 601 Mayflower Road, 7 PM - 9 PM. Speaker: Linda Skyrdlant Topic: "Monsanto and GMOs"
  • Saturday, July 4 - DCC booth and parade entry; Speakers Corner at Memorial Park
  • Thursday, September 17 - DCC staffing of LACDP booth at the LA Co Fair * Volunteers are needed for many other days, also *
  • Saturday, October 24 - DCC booth at Village Venture
  • Saturday, December 5 - DCC Annual Holiday Party at the Napier Center


  • August 16, Fundraiser for Anthony Portantino

Adjourn: the meeting adjourned at 11:03 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary