Minutes of the September 19, 2015 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:30 AM Saturday, September 19, 2015
Pilgrim Place Health Services Center

Attendance: John Forney, chair, Debi Evans, Carol Whitson, Gar Byrum, Ivan Light, Merrill Ring, Alex Baracskai and Carolee Monroe.

Agenda: Added were: Donation to Pilgrim Place and Discussion of Measure PS.

Minutes for Approval: MSA (Carolee) The Executive Board Minutes of June 20, 2015 and the General Membership Meeting of June 29, 2015 were unanimously approved.

Committees Reports

FINANCE/Treasurer's Report: Carol distributed a copy of the balances in the club's accounts at First City and read the balance of approximately $2.340 in the federal account. Recent and probable future expenditures and income were discussed.

PROGRAM & ISSUES: The September luncheon speaker, Ernie Powell, was favorably received. A program on Measure PS (the police station) is being considered. The Issues Committee recently sent a letter to Chris Holden concerning global warming legislation.

COMMUNICATIONS: Debi will send an announcement of the vacancy of Corresponding Secretary to the membership.

MEMBERSHIP: Because of illness, Sandy Hester was unable to attend.

POLITICAL STRATEGY: Debi will coordinate with Merrill regarding issues and candidates. Work towards a headquarters was suspended during the summer but is resuming. Debi has had some problems with distribution of materials; these need to be addressed with Ned.

New Business

New position: Joe Salas and/or, possibly, a college student will be asked to research our elected officials' voting records.

Social Media review: MSA (Gar) A motion to approve Alex Baracskai as Social Media coordinator was unanimously approved. Alex will work with Debi and, possibly, Ned Freed to establish a club FaceBook page and to pursue changes to our website. Ned's server currently provides for the club's computer needs.

Eboard email protocol: Debi recommended that senders check the "CC." on messages.

Articles/content for October Voorhis Voice:

DCC Village Venture booth: Our booth, Space #735, during the Saturday October 24th event will feature a straw poll of Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary and Bernie political buttons and bumper stickers, a petition supporting California's DISCLOSE Act and register to vote forms.

Invitations to our annual Holiday Party on Saturday, December 5th will be sent to: Judy Chu, Carol Liu, Chris Holden, Pete Aguilar, Connie Leyva, Anthony Portantino, Claremont City Councilpersons and members of the Claremont Unified School District Board of Education.

Donation to Pilgrim Place: MSA (Carol) A donation of $250 to Pilgrim Place was unanimously approved.

Measure PS: Merrill will arrange a program featuring the pros and cons of the ballot measure to finance and build a new Claremont police station.

The Board met in Executive Session to discuss the law suit.


Club Events

  • September 28 General Membership Meeting, John Forney: "Update of Climate Change Efforts"
  • October 9 Luncheon
  • October 26 General Membership Meeting
  • November 13 Luncheon
  • November 30 General Membership Meeting
  • Saturday, December 5 - Annual Holiday Party, Napier Center, Pilgrim Place, 4 PM

Other Organizations

  • Countdown to 2016: Summit for Democratic Activists and Club Members
  • Sunday, October 25, 2015 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM at Cal State LA in the Golden Eagle Building,
  • 3rd Floor Ballroom Contact Debi Evans for more information.
  • 2015 Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Democrat of the Year Dinner Sunday, November 8, 2015

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 11:03 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary