Minutes of the May 9, 2015 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday, May 9, 2015
Hunter Board Room, Pilgrim Place Health Center

Attendance: John Forney, Chair; Sandy Hester, Carol Whitson, Gar Byrum and Carolee Monroe.

Agenda: Added were: Membership and Fund Raising Dinner and Executive Board Bastille Day Picnic.

Minutes: MSA(Carolee) of the Executive Board meeting of April 25, 2015 were approved unanimously.

President's Report: John recommended mystery novels by Cecily Tichi, who writes under the pen name of Cecily Tishy. John has invited all members of the board to a Bastille Day bar-be-que on Saturday, July 18.

Committee Reports:

FINANCE / Treasurer's Report: MSA (Sandy) Carol, as Treasurer, Merrill Ring as Assistant Treasurer and John as President are to be those officers with ability to sign on the Club's accounts at First City Union. A letter will be written and taken to the credit union and signatory changes made. Other items discussed: the Charter has arrived and John has possession of it; a vote will be taken in the fall regarding the club's donation to Pilgrim Place; those expected expenses through the end of the calendar year include Claremont High School Young Democrats pizza, the Village Venture booth, the annual holiday party and possible legal bills and the ActBlue charge of 4%; Carol will submit the club roster to the CDP when the membership drive is completed and the By-laws are all approved by the general membership.

PROGRAM & ISSUES: Merrill was out of town.

COMMUNICATIONS: John will ask Mel Boynton, Chair of the Nominations Committee, to continue in locating a candidate for the position of Corresponding Secretary.

MEMBERSHIP: Sandy told of the successful efforts she and Gar have been making in phoning members whose dues have lapsed and then mailing membership forms to those who have said they want to "re-up". The May 2015 Membership Report includes these figures: 16 Life Members, 92 Renewals and 6 New Members, for a total of 114. Sandy and Gar continue through the list with the roster being updated as information is gathered. Lutie Lee is a new club member and has joined the Membership Committee. ActBlue is to be contacted and requested to update the dues structure it shows. Sandy was thanked for her consistent work.

POLITICAL STRATEGY: Debi was ill and unable to attend.

By-laws: MSA(Gar) Unanimously approved was the change in the proposed By-laws Article III, Section 1, b) 3 from "pledges to register" to "indicates the intent". The By-laws will be presented to the General Membership at the May 25 meeting for final approval. (See below.)

Submission of CDP Roster: (See above under "FINANCE") The roster is due July 1, 2015. Gar will check with Karen Wingard re. the number of delegates a club is assigned when compared with differences in the AD residences of club members.

Voorhis Voice articles: As the club and the newsletter will "be dark" in July and August, the June edition will contain a President's Message, a report from Sandy regarding membership, a summary of the Claremont Hi Young Democrats Club year, a request for volunteers for both the 4th of July (booth and parade) and for the Los Angeles County Democratic booth at the Los Angeles County Fair.

July 4: booth and parade entry: Various suggestions regarding our participation in the Claremont Independence Day festival and parade included: Invite our elected representatives ( CD, AD State Senate) along with Anthony Portantino, nearby representatives including Connie Leyva, SEIU and UFCW unions, CTA teachers association and CLUE (Gene Boutilier). Our message may center around the theme: "WHAT WE'RE FIGHTING FOR..." comprised of Money Out of Politics, Raise the Minimum Wage, Union Representation, Undo "Citizens United", Break Up Big Banks, Help with Student Loans, Medicare for All, Diplomacy Before Military, Cameras for Police, Improve Police-Race Relations, Economic Justice.

Village Venture: While the cost of a booth is still $210, a requirement this year is for insurance.

Membership and Fund Raising Dinner: Sandy proposed as a Fall Kick-Off, "See You in September" event, perhaps in the late afternoon on September 26, Native American Recognition Day. She would like to invite Hilda Solis and other elected representatives, including our city council members. Possible venues are the homes of Karen Rosenthal or Larry Schroeder.

Transportation: While contacting members re. renewals, Sandy spoke with some members who require transportation to meetings; thanks to Gar and Jack Monroe rides will be provided. Carol offered to write a "Ride Sharing" article for the Voorhis Voice asking for more volunteers who will drive members to meetings.


Club Events

  • Monday, May 25 - DCC members' meeting at Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place. 601 Mayflower Road, 7PM to 9PM. Speaker: Shirlee Smith. Topic: "Mothers behind bars: America's slave system continues."
  • Friday, June 12 - Luncheon at Darvish restaurant, 946 W. Foothill. Noon until 2 PM. Speaker: Sam Pedroza, Claremont City Councilman topic: "California and Local Water Issues" (with Mel Boynton "Tour of California Water Facilities")
  • Monday, June 29 - DCC members meeting at Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place. 601 Mayflower Road, 7PM - 9PM. Speaker: Linda Skyrdlant Topic: "Monsanto and GMOs".

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.