Minutes of the November 21, 2015 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:30 AM Saturday, November 21, 2015
Pilgrim Place Health Services Center

Attendance: John Forney, chair, Carol Whitson, Sandy Hester, Debi Evans, Merrill Ring, Gar Byrum and Carolee Monroe

Agenda approval: The agenda was approved with some items moved to "New Business" (Voorhis Voice and Reps to Endorsement Conference) while CHS Young Dems update, attendance at a coffee for a candidate and Charter Application were added.

Minutes for Approval: MSA (Gar) the Executive Board Minutes of October 17 2015 were unanimously approved.

Minutes for Review: the General Membership Meeting of October 26, 2015 were reviewed.

Committees Reports

FINANCE/Treasurer's Report: MSA(Sandy) The treasurer's report from Carol was unanimously accepted following a discussion of the current balance ($2399.56), renewals, storage due date, deposits and expenses.

PROGRAM & ISSUES: Merrill's written report included an update on past and future programs and Issues Committee topics. Current issues and Democratic candidates will be presented at luncheons and meetings. Cooperation has been initiated between the college groups and our club.

COMMUNICATIONS: Although the chair of this committee remains vacant, there was discussion about the club's Facebook page and the need to update contents regularly.

MEMBERSHIP: Sandy reported 128 club members as residents of the 41st AD and methods of counting were discussed. Sandy will bring membership forms to the holiday party.

POLITICAL STRATEGY: The crisis in Syria has led to several local responses. Those California Democrats who voted in Congress to restrict persons from entering our country will receive feedback, although it is acknowledged that those members of Congress were in "swing districts". With one Syrian family already in our area and two more families arriving, they are to be invited to our club events through Adnan Aswad. The cause may be addressed at the CDP convention in February. Donations of money to the local mosque were suggested.

By-Laws: Debi reported that the revision is completed and, as the final part was merely formatting, no approval is required.

Executive Session - Lawsuit (closed session)

Upcoming Events/Updates

  • Voorhis Voice articles (advertising) moved to New Business
  • Holiday Party: John will check on whether green round table cloths will be provided by Pilgrim Place. Phone invitations are being made; Carolee will send an article of the event to Ivan for the December issue of the Voorhis Voice and to the Claremont Courier and a copy of the Program to board members while Carol will make a large display of it. Set-up will start at 2 PM; cones will be placed to reserve parking for Supervisor Solis and Congresswoman Chu.
  • United Democratic Headquarters-East (UDHQ-E)/ Unity Dinner: Sandy distributed copies of the "Unite to Fight" invited clubs list and an outline of various committees that will be used to plan for a fundraising event to finance a headquarters during the fall presidential campaign. She and Debi talked about the organization of the planning event scheduled for Sunday, November 22 at Sandy's and John's home. A follow-up meeting would be scheduled for early 2016 leading to a fundraising event in late spring. The PAC would be registered with both the FEC and the FPPC, have By-Laws and a Charter. The biggest need is ongoing sustaining funding.
  • Club Representatives to Pre-endorsement conference Moved to New Business.

New Business:

  • Installation of Officers Fundraiser: Sandy suggested an event that would raise money and increase attendance. With no election of club officers until 2017, a March 2017 Installation event may replace the regular March luncheon.
  • $1 for Announcements (not club related): No consensus was reached on charging for non-club events or other announcements.
  • VOOHIS VOICE ARTICLES (ADVERTISING) Ivan will be asked to write rules for formatting and advertising in the newsletter with rates for members and non-members, based on an annual basis. Articles for December issue will be sent by John, Sandy (membership), Merrill and Carolee. Suggested content for 2016 to include information on the ballot issues.
  • CLUB REPRESENTATIVES TO PRE-ENDORSEMENT CONFERENCE: Submitted names, in priority are: John Forney, Debi Evans, Merrill Ring, Sandy Hester, John Ammon and Carolee Monroe. MSA (Merrill) The representatives were unanimously approved by the board and are to be approved at the November General Membership meeting.
  • REPORT ON CHS YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB: Carolee reported that attendance at meetings is about 35. The students have seemed to appreciate the speakers/topics. John suggested that both college and high school activists be recognized as upcoming leaders.
  • ATTENDANCE: A discussion to consider participation at a coffee for a candidate not endorsed by our club determined that Gar would attend and make a statement regarding our endorsement of Anthony Portantino.
  • CHARTER APPLICATION: Carol solicited input regarding completion of several items on the form. Services determined to be asked for include MOE and HQ training including phone banking and legal issues.

Club Events

  • November 30 General Membership Meeting, Prof. Paul Nelson, "Education: Community and Democracy"
  • Saturday, December 5 - Annual Holiday Party, Napier Center, Pilgrim Place, 4 PM

Other Organizations: John said that Bill Moyers will be scheduled to be one of PCU's 2016 "Agenda for a Prophetic Faith" series of programs.

Adjourn: The Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.