Minutes of the September 29, 2014 General Membership Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
General Membership Meeting
September 29, 2014 7 PM
Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place

Welcome - Gar Byrum, President, welcomed approximately 30 members and guests, especially new members Bob and Barbara Hughes.

Program: Merrill Ring introduced Dr. Gilda Ochoa, Professor of Sociology and Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies at Pomona College. Dr. Ochoa talked about many of the themes from her book, "Academic Profiling: Latinos, Asian Americans and the Achievement Gap". The research study, based on interviews with students attending a near-by southern California high school, explored the differences in both achievement and expectations of the two cultural groups who made up the majority of students at the school. Frameworks encompassing race, curriculum tracking and everyday interactions were considered along with financial, social, cultural and human capital. Other considerations were faculty composition and their expectations, differing opportunities provided including counseling and tutoring and punishment. Suggestions of how to assist Hispanic students included interventions that begin very early in a child's life, inservices of school faculty and offering college to primary students as an inducement.


Approval of June 30 minutes (MSA - Carol Whitson/Aelian Gunawardena)The minutes were approved unanimously.

Village Venture staffing: Carolee Monroe urged members to volunteer to staff our booth, #735, on Saturday, October 25. Merrill Ring has suggested a theme of wealth inequality for the booth.

Water Bond Resolution: MSA (John Forney) The motion to adopt Merrill Ring's "Resolution Concerning Measure W" was first changed by the acceptance of a friendly amendment MSA (Ivan Light) then approved unanimously. The resolution will be published on the club website and be sent to the Claremont Courier. It reads:

Resolution Concerning Measure W

"Whereas it has become clear that local control of our water infrastructure will be of great benefit to the citizens of Claremont,

Be it resolved that the Democratic Club of Claremont strongly urges that voters approve Measure W on the November 4th ballot."

Club By-Laws:

MSA (John Forney)Upon a motion. the proposed By-Laws not challenged from the floor included Articles II, VI, VII, IX and XI and, as such, were separated out. This motion passed unanimously.

MSA (Andy Winnick) The motion to accept the By-Laws that had no proposed amendments or challenges passed unanimously.

MSA (Andy Winnick) The remaining Articles I, IV, VIII and X were separated by unanimous agreement of the motion.

M (Bob Gerecke) Motion regarding Article I to change the name of the club died for lack of a second.

MSA (Bob Gerecke) A motion, as a friendly amendment to Article IV, Section 1(a) paragraph 5, to include the sentence, "The President's appointments to the Executive Board are subject to confirmation by a majority of the members at the next general meeting, after 5 days advance notice of the proposed appointments." was approved.

MSA (Bob Gerecke) A motion to add the following sentence, "Nominations from the floor are permitted at the general meeting in which the members will select a temporary replacement." to Article IV, Section 1(a) paragraph 6 regarding an appointment to fill an unexpired term which has become vacant was approved.

MS (Bob Gerecke) Motion to amend Article IV, Section 1(f) was withdrawn.

M (Bob Gerecke) Motion to amend Article IV, Section 2 died for lack of a second.

MSA (Bob Gerecke/Andy Winnick) A motion to amend Article IV, Section 3(g), Removal from Office, was accepted. Some changes in both the proposed By-Law and the amendment included: changing the 15 days advance notice to 7 days, deleting the ability of the Executive Board solely to remove an officer, and initiating the action as "proposed by the Executive Board; confirmed by the General Membership".

PROPOSED BY-LAW: "Removal of an officer requires a majority vote by secret ballot of either the General Membership or the Executive Board."

BOB'S MOVE TO AMEND: "...delete the words "or the Executive Board", and add, "The President, a majority of the Executive Board, or a majority of the members voting in a general meeting may propose removal of an officer. Members shall be given 7 days advance notice of the vote to actually remove the officer. The officer shall be given an opportunity to speak in his or her defense before the vote is given."

MSA (Bob Gerecke) Motion to adopt the revised Article IV, Officers, was unanimously approved.

MSA (Bob Gerecke) Motion to delete references to "special rules of order" from Article VIII, Parliamentary Authority, was approved unanimously.

MSA (Andy Winnick/Bob Gerecke) After a motion was proposed to delete paragraphs (b) and (c) of Article X, Endorsements, a friendly amendment was accepted. The revised paragraph "The Executive Board should consider all endorsements and make recommendations to the membership." and "The Club and all Democratic candidates for the same office shall be given at least 7 days advance notice of the endorsement vote in the general membership meeting. Each competing Democratic candidate or his or her representative shall be given equal time to speak before the vote is taken." were approved unanimously.

Los Angeles County Central Committee Report: The LACDCC has endorsed Propositions 1, 44, 47, 48 and 49 while choosing to oppose Proposition 46 according to Bob Gerecke. The group also passed resolutions to overturn the "top-two" primary and to support an oil severance tax.

Sunday Tabling:Gar Byrum asked for volunteers to join him as he registers voters and distributes literature in front of Starbucks during the hours of the Farmers Market.

Club Meetings and Events

  • October Luncheon: John Forney and Freeman Allen will talk about the campaign for "Yes on W", Friday, October 10 at Casa de Salsa, noon.
  • October General Meeting: Monday, October 27, 7 PM, at Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place.
  • November Luncheon: Friday, November 14, at Casa de Salsa, noon.
  • November General Meeting: Monday, November 24, 7 PM at Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place.
  • Annual Holiday Party: to be held Saturday, December 6, from 4 PM until 6 PM at the Napier Commons, Pilgrim Place. Invited guests include our elected representatives, Judy Chu, Carol Liu and Chris Holden' along with Anthony Portantino, Claremont City Council members, members of the Claremont Unified School District Board of Education, Eric Bauman, Tom Shaughnessy, Gloria Molina, Hilda Solis and Karen Wingard. Members and those interested in becoming members are asked to renew their memberships at this time.

Other Events

  • Ongoing:
      Peter Aguilar Campaign - supported by the CA Democratic Party: Volunteers needed, Curt Lewis said.
      FLOW/"Yes on W" - Volunteers needed to distribute flyers throughout Claremont, John Forney said.
  • October 5, Sunday - Anthony Portantino for State Senate, 2016: at Joe Salas' home, 1575 Beloit Avenue, Claremont, noon until 2 pm.
  • October 13, Monday: "Freeze the Dough Out of Politics:Ice Cream Party at Ben & Jerry's, Victoria Gardens, 3 PM - 7 PM. A stamped $1 buys a scoop.
  • October 19, Sunday: Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt 2013 Democrat of the Year Awards Reception and Dinner: The annual event, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, will be held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles, beginning at 6 PM. Joe Salas is making arrangements for those desiring to attend.
  • October 25, Saturday: Village Venture: Democratic Club of Claremont's booth is # 735.


Andy Winnick has written "An Analysis of the Economics of the Proposal by the City of Claremont to Take Over the Local Water System from the Golden State Water Company and Operate It as a Public Utility, Using Revenue Bonds described by Measure W" that advocates for purchasing the water company.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary