Minutes of the April 25, 2015 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday, April 25, 2015
Hunter Board Room, Pilgrim Place Health Center

Approved May 9, 2015

Attendance: John Forney, Chair, Merrill Ring, Sandy Hester, Carol Whitson, Debi Evans, Gar Byrum, Ivan Light, Curt Lewis, Ted Panzer (By-Laws committee) and Carolee Monroe.

Agenda added were:

  • Holiday party date;
  • Village Venture;
  • NAACP Community Dialog request;
  • and LACDP Kennedy awards event

The Minutes of the Executive Board meeting of 2015 MSA (Carol) were unanimously approved.

The Minutes of the General Membership meeting of March 30, 2015 were considered.

Treasurer's Report: Carol presented a current balance statement showing a total of $3,031.67 in all accounts. Also presented was a transaction record from December 2014 through April 25, 2015.

Committee Reports:

FINANCE: See Treasurer's Report above.

PROGRAM & ISSUES: Merrill gave an oral and written summary of past and future programs. (See below, under Club Events.) He talked about the work of the Issues Committee in composing both the slogan and the petition used in the Club's Earth Day booth. After the summer recess, programs in the fall will address electoral matters. Issues the Committee is considering include: the Democratic narrative for the upcoming election and actions to address the celebrations of the US entry into WWI in 2017. As Merrill will be away May 8, Carol and Gar will assume the duties of setting up, collecting money and MC'ing.

COMMUNICATIONS: John said that he had received two letters sent in response to his concerning fracking. Governor Brown's was more of a general response while Assemblyman Chris Holden included more substance. Regarding the Corresponding Secretary position, several members were suggested as candidates to fill the vacancy.

MEMBERSHIP: Sandy gave both oral and written reports. The Committee, consisting of Sandy, Lutie Lee and Gar, has met. Gar has phoned about 100 names of the 1/26/15 Membership List and will complete it within a month. Most members have agreed to renew. Some numbers are not working so the list will be cleaned up. Current membership is: Lifetime members are 14. Total membership is 93, including seven new members. Sandy will follow up with those members who have not yet sent in their dues.

POLITICAL STRATEGY: Debi told of a variety of activities. A "Close the Gap" event was held to recruit women for the Assembly District 40 seat, narrowly lost to the GOP candidate in 2014. Karen Wingard is sponsoring meetings with State Senate District 25 candidates and Democratic activists/constituents. Consideration is being given to reactivating a local Stonewall Club, as its members are usually young political activists. Chris Holden will establish an advisory committee to address fracking so our club needs to promote membership on it. Activists are encouraged to participate in an advisory committee. The Inland Valley Democratic Club's reception honoring Congressman Pete Aguilar is to be at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Rancho Cucamonga on Saturday, April 25 at noon. The 2015 California Democratic Convention will be May 15 - 17, in Anaheim. Speakers include: Elizabeth Warren at the General Session and Barney Frank at the Dinner. Many of the DCC E-Board members will attend so they have been encouraged to join one or more of the caucuses. Debi is a candidate at large for the Disability Caucus. With a variety of caucuses, Democrats are encouraged to join them. Debi will look into the purchase of a button maker that includes the "union bug".

Club Roster Submission to CDP: Carol has completed much of the form that will be submitted by the July 1stdeadline when the By-laws and membership efforts are finalized.

Earth Day: Carolee thanked all and said that the petitions about a carbon fee had been mailed as addressed. Gar will contact Congresswoman Judy Chu to arrange an in-person meeting. An article about the event will be in the May edition of the Voorhis Voice.

By-laws: The Articles were approved by the Executive Board and will be presented at the May general membership meeting for final approval. With final approval, all will be posted on the club website, with a notice in the Voorhis Voicelinking readers to the site. Ted Panzer was thanked for his diligent work through the revision process.

Article III MSA (Sandy) Unanimous approval was given, with Sandy and Debi to use MOE to check the political party affiliation of all members.

Article V: MSA (Debi) With the acceptance of two friendly amendments the Article was unanimously approved.

Article ZZ: MSA (Debi) This Article was approved unanimously with the understanding that it would be placed within the By-laws at the appropriate location.

July 4 booth and parade entry: MSA (Sandy) Approved unanimously was the expense of $25 for an Information Table / booth in Memorial Park. Various themes and ideas were brainstormed, with the suggestion that the CHS Young Democrats contribute their thoughts. Some given:

  • Politics for People, Extreme Income Inequality,
  • Save Our Planet,
  • Student Loan Debt,
  • Moving Forward,
  • ACA/Obamacare,
  • The Deck is Stacked/the Game is Rigged/Fairness.

May Voorhis Voice: Carolee will submit an article about the Earth Day booth. Ivan will insert photos, if possible.

Holiday Party: John will check for dates in early December and reserve one. Saturday the 5thor Sunday the 6th(preferred) were best choices.

Village Venture booth: MSA (Sandy) unanimously approved was the expense of a booth for the October 24thevent.

LACDP Kennedy Awards - May 31, 2015. Debi will send a notice to members.

NAACP Community Dialog series: MSA (Sandy) A donation of $50 will be made to the Friday, May 22 event, with the DCC being listed as a co-sponsor. Sandy said that outcomes of the series are yet to be determined however an Oversight Commission for the Pomona Police Department is hoped for. Consideration of a Los Angeles County Sheriff Department oversight commission includes testimony as to the makeup of such a commission.


Club Events

  • Monday, April 27 - Membership Meeting: Shawki El-Zatmah "The Arab Spring and the Rise of ISIS" at Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place 7 PM
  • Friday, May 8 - Luncheon: Jerry Fenning " "Using Natural Gas to Power our National Truck Fleet" at Darvish restaurant, noon

Other speakers will include:

  • Shirlee Smith "Incarcerated Mothers as Parents"
  • Sam Pedroza, Claremont City Councilman "California and Local Water Issues" (with Mel Boynton "Tour of California Water Facilities")
  • Linda Skyrdlant "Monsanto and GMOs"

Other Organizations

  • Whitehead Conference/ Seizing an Alternative June 4 - 7 Pomona College "Years of Living Dangerously"

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 10:35 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Carolee Monroe, Recording Secretary