Minutes of the February 14, 2015 Executive Board Meeting

Democratic Club of Claremont
Executive Board Meeting
9:30 AM Saturday, February 14, 2015
Hunter Board Room, Pilgrim Place Health Center

Attendance: John Forney, Chair and newly elected President, thanked those in attendance for their confidence in him. Attending: John, Merrill Ring, Sandy Hester, Debi Evans, Gar Byrum, Brenda and Curt Lewis, Ivan Light and Carolee Monroe.

Agenda: Added were: Lawsuit (Debi) and Unity Dinner (Sandy)

Minutes for Approval: MSA (Merrill) The Minutes of the Executive Board meeting of January 17, 2015 were approved with one abstention, with the correction that John Forney, as newly elected President, signed the letter concerning fracking that was to be mailed to several elected representatives.

Treasurer's Report: In Carol's absence, Carolee reported a balance of about $3,200 with one payment not yet cleared and two deposits to be made. Carol will work on cleaning out the storage unit when her tax season ends. She is working on a budget for the year.

President's Report: Appointment of Debi Evans as Political Strategy Chair. Debi accepted.

Committee Reports:

FINANCE (Carol) See above.

PROGRAM & ISSUES (Merrill) See above: the letter re. fracking.

MEMBERSHIP (Sandy) The link with ActBlue needs to be changed to reflect the dues changes.

Sandy will contact the seven members who indicated on their renewal forms their willingness to be on a committee to learn their preferences. Because the By-Laws state that annual dues are to be paid by the end of March, contact with those members not yet current needs to be soon; Sandy and volunteers will follow up. Regarding growing the membership, a suggestion made by John is to invite neighbors (registered Democrats) to a home and share / host a meal. Other Club members would participate in the meal preparations. Area Democrats would be found through use of the LACDP's voter file, procured from the CDP's Mobilize, Organize, Elect (MOE) system. Debi is to check on accessing the system.

COMMUNICATIONS (Brenda) After an email to the membership soliciting volunteers to join the committee, a meeting was arranged for February 4, 2015. Those present (Brenda, Ned Freed, Gene Boutilier and Gar Byrum) determined committee priorities to be:(A) the Club Newsletter be published with a revised, updated and reformatted form. Ivan Light agreed to assume the task; (B) Ned Freed will continue to manage the website; (C) The DCC post office box key will be handed off at the E-Board meeting today (2/14/15); and (D) The status of the club phone number is unclear. Brenda is seeking more Club members to be on the committee.

POLITICAL STRATEGY (Debi) Our DCC needs to focuson (A) The reelection of Pete Aguilar through fund raising and contributions and (B) SEIU In-home caregivers' attempt to be included in LA County minimum wage controls through an Action on April 14, collecting signatures on their petition and, possibly, inviting a speaker to one of our meetings. Curt Lewis told of a meeting planned for February 18th by Pete Aguilar with business owners and employers to discuss impediments to business within the 31st CD along with possible solutions.

Lawsuit (Debi) The mailings to DCC members from the "DCC Guardian Angel" were discussed. Debi, Gar and John will continue to work with the Club's attorney.

Earth Day (Carolee) MSA (Sandy) Carolee is to be given a check to pay for the cost of a booth for the event on April 18th. Volunteers will be asked to sign up at Club meetings and at CHS Young Democrats meetings. Suggestions for the booth/display include: petitions to our electeds re. utility companies and residents' efforts to conserve or to replace lawns; printed copies of the Columbia study re. drought; a desert display as the future in which our children will live; "Green" your home information; fracking; and a poster linking Republicans, debt and our planet.

Complaint re. Endorsement of Anthony Portantino (Gar) The complaint to the LACDP will be ignored as the endorsement met our By-Laws. Debi, John and Brenda will collaborate on the letter to be sent to the candidate. Merrill can send publicity re. the endorsement to the Courier.

Unity Dinner (Sandy) With the goal of raising money for local Democratic representatives, Sandy and Debi will coordinate with other area Democratic clubs. The possible date of Cinco de Mayo is to be considered.


Club Events

  • Monday, February 23, Democratic Club of Claremont General Membership meeting 7:00 PM Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place Amanda Hollis-Brusky will speak on the Supreme Court: what to expect from it in the next two years

Other Organizations:

  • Tuesday, February 17 UNA-USA Pomona Valley Chapter meeting 7:00 PM Hahn Hall, Room 101, 420 N. Harvard Ave., Char Miller: "Troubled Waters: The Global and Local Dimensions of a Vital Resource".
  • Saturday, February 21, NAACP Series: Dialog Re. Police/Race Relations 3:00 PM Kennedy Austin Foundation, 2501 N Garey Avenue, Pomona
  • Sunday, February 22, Progressive Christians Uniting Agenda for a Prophetic Faith Series 7:00 PM, Claremont United Methodist Church Ed Bacon, Pastor, All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, "A Prophetic Call from a Church on the Front Lines"
  • Tuesday, March 3 and Tuesday March 31 The American Institute for Progressive Democracy's Two-part series on Economic Inequality in America, 7:00 PM Rose Hills Theater, 170 E. 6th Street, Claremont
  • Saturday, October 3 Agenda for a Prophetic Faith Series: Bill Moyers Also scheduled (for 2016) are Cornel West, Barbara Ehrenreich and Galen Guengerich.

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 10:50 am.