The Issues Committee of the DCC was asked to write ballot recommendations on the 11 ballot statewide ballot propositions. (Proposition 9 has been eliminated from the ballot by court order statewide ballot propositions.) Those recommendations were presented to the Executive Board and accepted. However, due to the need for making the recommendations quickly available for voting purposes, the Board decided not to ask for a formal endorsement by vote of the club members of those recommendations. They are thus presented to the membership, and to the wider public, as recommendations by the DCC Executive Board only.

The Claremont Manfesto

Claremont Manifesto Cover

The Claremont Manifesto is designed to suggest a new vision and program to capture the hearts and minds of the American people.

It represents an appeal to Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike - to consider the renewal of the vision of the U.S. as a Commonwealth in which people of good will cooperate for the common good as well as for individual fulfillment. It asks them to consider a return to the view of our society first advocated by our nation's Founders: The view of America as a Commonwealth in which we all work together to create a better, more peaceful and just world for ourselves and for our children. Based upon a wide array of polls and other data, we are confident that this is a vision most Americans now share.